Tips For Operating Your Dump Truck Safely

Do you run a construction company or any other kind of business that has use for a dump truck? If you've never owned this type of vehicle before, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to keep maintenance and repair costs down in the years to come. Failing to follow proper best practices for dump trucks could even cause damage to someone else's property if you're not careful. Here's how to keep your new dump truck in good condition and operate it safely.

Check Tire Pressure Before Every New Day and Also After Each Extra Heavy Load

Maintaining proper tire pressure is a good tip for any kind of vehicle, but it's especially important when it comes to dump trucks. If your tires aren't in good condition, you could end up with a problem when it's time to lift the trailer to dump the load. Poor tire pressure could lead to a tipping accident that could cause property damage or bodily harm. Keep your tires properly topped off at the right level, and be sure to double-check the tires if you ever push your dump truck to its max load capacity.

Keep the Dumping Area Clear

Dump trucks are obviously mobile and can allow you to get into position in the perfect spot for loading and unloading. But you should make sure that there are never other vehicles or equipment or other workers standing on either side of the dump truck while it's trying to do its thing. If something goes wrong and the truck tips to the side, you don't want it taking out something or someone on its way down.

Keep the Top of the Loading Box Lighter Than the Bottom

For best results when dumping, make sure the heaviest part of the load is towards the bottom of the box. This will make a tipping incident less likely, and it will also put less wear and tear on the dump truck because it won't have to lift the heaviest part as high.

A dump truck is easy enough to figure out in concept, but there are some clear best practices you should be following if you want to reduce the chances of an accident and also limit the amount of wear and tear on your tires or the rest of the dump truck. If you are in need of a new truck, new parts or you just want to rent an additional dump truck for your next job, contact a local company like Hoelscher Bobby Trucking Inc today.