Wedding Limo Service Checklist

If you are planning a wedding, then a crucial part of the planning is going to involve picking out the right limo. The wedding party is going to use that limo from the ceremony to the reception venue, and so it's very important that the limo has all of the necessary accommodations.

Below are some of the important aspects of a party limo that you should make sure you review.

Make Sure There's a Wet Bar 

On the day of the wedding, the wedding party will be riding in the limo from the actual ceremony location to the wedding reception venue. Most people will want to have drinks, be it champagne or something else, on the way to the venue.

What you don't want is a limo without a wet bar. It will make for a bit of a boring ride over, especially if the wedding venue is a bit of a trip from the ceremony location. Most limo rental services will either arrange for champagne and other drinks or allow you to stock them beforehand.

Pump Up the Volume: Sound System Review

Along with good drinks, the wedding party will want good music on the way over. While most limos will have a radio, it is important to test the sound system out beforehand. You want to make sure that it will be sufficient for your needs. For instance, your wedding party might want to play their own playlist, so it's important to see if the limo is equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

Is There Enough Room?

All limos are not sized the same. A small wedding party can make do with a smaller limo, but you don't want to try and squeeze a large wedding party into a small limo. So, make sure that you size out the limo in advance. You want to prevent a situation where the members of the wedding party are craped together in the limo.

Proper Lighting for Ambiance

Many people don't consider the lighting in the limo, but it's a big part of the overall experience. When you are discussing the limo with the party rental representatives, ask them about the different lighting options. There are different choices you can look at including full neon limo interiors that mimic a club-type environment, to more classic lighting. The right choice of lighting will really set the mood for the rest of the wedding.

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