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Key Elements That Make Or Break Party Buses And How To Get Them

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If you are renting a party bus for your next event or special occasion and this is the first time you have ever done something like this, you need to know what key elements make a party (on a party bus) really good. After all, you want the evening or afternoon to be memorable and/or successful, right? Here are some key elements that will make or break your party bus experience and how to get them. Coolers with Adult Beverages If you find a party bus rental company that has built-in wine refrigerators and ice coolers, you are already a step ahead. Then you do not have to bring your own heavy, ice-laden coolers to keep your adult beverages chilled. Regardless of where your party bus is going or what stops your group plans to make, you need the coolers with adult beverages.  Loud, Fun, Dance-Worthy Music It is not a party bus without music. Loud, fun, dance-worthy music makes a party bus a party on wheels. If you are not rolling down the street with tunes blasting out the bus windows, you may as well be on a senior citizens’ tour bus. Ask the company about the sound system they have on board or rules regarding the carry-on of music-making machines. Of course, you could always follow the new trend of dance. Everyone brings their own music player and earbuds, and dances to their own music so that everyone gets to listen and dance to what they like. It is loud in the ears of every individual, but not so loud throughout the bus that you cannot communicate with your driver. Club Lighting Before you book your party bus, ask about the lighting situation on the bus. Is there club lighting (like rainbow strobes and disco balls), or is there no light at all? Obviously, the make or break feature on a party bus is the lighting, since nobody wants to ride in a dark bus while attempting to party. The more cool lighting effects on the bus, the more fun that party bus is going to be. “Vomitorium” Okay, so not a real vomitorium on the bus, but there is always that one person in the group that does not know his or her drink limit. Ask the bus rental company what the rules are regarding someone getting sick, and how to best handle that. Usually, a trash can just for the overly inebriated is provided, while other company drivers will pull over for this particular problem. Your best bet is to cut your friend(s) off from the beverage section of the bus before it gets that far, or the party bus ride may be over while the driver cleans up the bus. For more information, contact local professionals like A&A Limousine & Bus...

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Tips For Booking An Airport Taxi

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When you’re booking an airport taxi, efficiency and affordability are two concerns that come up often. Here are some tips for taxi booking to meet these needs.  Consider the Distance The first thing to do is consider the fees that you accumulate when getting picked up at the airport. If the local airport is far out from the city center, you may want to look at taking a shuttle to the city center and booking a taxi from there. Make sure that you get quotes to be sure that the fare will not get out of hand on your airport ride.  Make Sure the Company is Accredited When you’re vetting taxi companies, such as Union Taxi, be sure that the company is accredited to provide airport taxi services. This way, you’ll know that you’re protected in case you have a major complaint about your ride.  Compare Amenities When you’re looking at prices, note that there are many things that can affect the value aside from the base cost. Some friendly taxi services offer snacks and beverages that can help offset the initial cost of the taxi. Also see whether tip is included; this will help to reduce your costs as well. Some taxis offer additional services that are worthwhile, such as the option to choose larger vehicles to accommodate more luggage and passengers.  Book Ahead of Time Once you’ve found the perfect friendly taxi services for your journey, don’t wait to book. You can get the best deals by booking several weeks to months in advance. Some taxi companies are able to accommodate a multi-city booking process, where they book a local taxi at your arrival and departure destinations for you so that you only have to make a single booking.  Keep the Company Apprised of Travel Changes Sometimes changes to your travel plans, such as delays and missed flights, can greatly affect your arrival times and the time your driver should pick you up. It’s important to keep your taxi company up to date on these changes, lest you miss your driver and get charged for an empty taxi. Some companies are able to track your flight for you, so that they will be aware of delays. If not, be sure to pay the company a call if you’re going to be significantly late.  By following these guidelines for booking an airport taxi, you can save yourself a lot of headache while also potentially saving...

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Learn About Cab Ettiquette

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If you are going to be taking a cab, then you should learn some of the simple rules of cab etiquette.  If you aren’t in the habit of taking cabs, then you may not have any idea that there are right and wrong behaviors for doing so. By learning the correct behaviors, you can make the ride more pleasant for both you and the driver. Understand What it Means When a Cab Has Their Light Off When the light on top of the cab is off, then it means they aren’t in service at the moment. If you see a cab without its light on, then you should continue looking for another cab rather than stopping this one to ask if they can give you a ride. You Have the Right to a Professional Trip When you get in a cab you should realize that you also have rights. If the driver is talking loudly on their hands-free phone, playing loud music or the cab is uncomfortably hot or cold then you can ask them to make corrections. The Driver Has the Right to a Courteous Trip Just as you have the right to an enjoyable trip, the driver also has rights. You shouldn’t do anything that may distract them from their driving or irritate them. Talking loudly on your cell phone or playing a loud game on your smart device are a couple of examples of things you shouldn’t do while you are in the cab. Always Ask for a Receipt It’s important for you to get in the habit of asking for a receipt. The receipt will have the information you need to track down the cab later in case you find that you forgot something in it during your trip. By making it a habit to get one every time, you’ll be covered if you should ever need to track down a cab you rode in. Tip Appropriately If you have experienced a very professional ride and you want to tip over the recommended amount, then this is always appreciated. However, a good rule of thumb is to tip the same amount you would tip a waitress, which is generally 15%. If the cab driver was rude or refused to help you with your bags, you can always choose to tip less, just as you tip more for good service. Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from the cab driver and how you should treat them, you are better prepared for your cab ride. Next time you’re in need of a ride, consider calling a local discount cab with these tips in...

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3 Services to Make Your Visit to Salt Lake City, Utah Easier Without a Vehicle

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From landing at the airport to departing from your visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, your trip can be made much more convenient for you even if you don’t have a vehicle to get you where you need to be. Here are three services you can take advantage of when visiting Salt Lake for leisure, business, or visiting family. Shuttle You can take advantage of shuttle services to assist you in leaving the airport when you land in Salt Lake City. The airport itself features a shuttle service where you and other travelers can be shuttled from the airport to your hotel room or other location. You can schedule this service prior to landing so you have a vehicle waiting for you when you land in the area. The shuttle service is also available to take you back to the airport when your plane is departing. However, you must make a reservation in order to take advantage of this convenient service. Taxi Salt Lake City, Utah also features many independent taxi services that you can use to get around town. There are many sights to see in Salt Lake, including: Temple Square Big Cottonwood Canyon Red Butte Garden Utah State Capitol Many of the best sights in Salt Lake are right in the heart of the city, and a taxi service can take you downtown from your hotel room so you can take in the beautiful buildings around you. There are also fine shopping centers, restaurants, and even a planetarium that you can explore in the downtown area. The UTA Trax System If you want to travel around like a real local, you may want to familiarize yourself with Salt Lake’s UTA Trax system. This is a rail system that features several different routes to take you downtown, to colleges and universities, and other key locations that you can enjoy. Each route is highlighted in its own color to help you decide which route is best for you. Traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah without a vehicle is not as inconvenient as you may think. The city has many transportation services to help get you just where you need to go. From a shuttle service to the Salt Lake City airport to a track system to give you a tour of the entire city, you can be as free a you’d like in this bustling, beautiful city without having to rent a car in order to do...

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Lock In Wholesale Diesel Prices With A Fixed Forward Contact

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The diesel and gasoline market is extremely volatile, and prices can fluctuate greatly on a daily basis. If your company is in the fuel business or uses large quantities of diesel fuel, the ability to lock your prices in on an annual basis can give you the edge when it comes to getting the best price possible and making a profit. A fixed forward contract can guarantee you pay the same price for one year on wholesale diesel purchases. Here is how the contract works and how it can benefit you. How the Contract Works In order to obtain a fixed price on wholesale diesel purchases, you’ll need to obtain a fixed forward fuel contract with a supplier. This contract will provide you with a very important tool that can help your business manage the constantly changing costs of fuel. The contract provides you with a guaranteed, set price for one year as long as you continue to make your purchases through the selected supplier. The supplier benefits from the contract because you’ve agreed to purchase solely from them, and you benefit by getting the same price on all of your purchases. You will need to identify the volume you plan to purchase throughout the year, as well as an average estimate of how many gallons you need per month. The supplier will deliver the fuel based on your individual projected needs and reserve the fixed price for you in writing. What are the Benefits of These Contracts? There are many benefits to obtaining a fixed forward fuel contract. First, you’ll be able to better predict your company’s overall budget since you will know what your fuel costs will be. This can give you more money to utilize towards other things like overhead costs, building and vehicle maintenance, or obtaining new equipment. You can also avoid worrying about the unpredictable fuel costs throughout the year, since your locked in price will be guaranteed. There will be no need to constantly monitor the price of fuel, which can cost you valuable time and add to frustration. The contract will also give you a dependable supply of diesel fuel since you’ve given the distributor the amount you need each month. They’ll simply bring it to you automatically and you will no longer have to chase it down or shop around. By locking in your wholesale diesel fuel costs, you will get peace of mind and the ability to use your cash flow for other important projects and...

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Is A Career As An Owner-Operator Right For You? Three Questions To Ask Yourself

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Working on the road as an owner-operator can be exciting. It opens up a lot of opportunity to see things and experience new places. It also gives you complete control over your income, the work you do and your truck. Before you jump into the responsibility of owning your own rig, there are a few things that you should consider. Here are three questions you need to ask before you grab those keys and book that first load. Are You Prepared for the Responsibility? Working as an owner operator means that you’re in charge of your career, but it also means that you must take responsibility for the legal requirements of the job, deadlines for deliveries and equipment failures. You need to be fully prepared to take that responsibility. You’ll need to be able to handle pressure and stress well. Some people are naturally better at this than others, and if you struggle with stress management, this type of career could be challenging for you. You need to be able to roll with changes and react quickly when problems arise. Are You Self-Disciplined Enough? Entering the trucking business on your own means that you have to be dedicated and driven enough to chase the loads, manage your delivery times and plan your routes. If you lack the motivation and self-discipline required to put that effort in every single day, you’re going to find the job a challenge. Working independently means you won’t have a dispatcher or boss to answer to, which can be freeing, but it can also be lonely. You’ll need to be driven and disciplined enough to keep yourself on a schedule at all times for the best chance of success. Are You Mechanically Inclined? Owner-operators should have a basic understanding of the mechanics of their rig. The more you know about your rig and how to do basic repairs, the better your chances will be of getting back on the road quickly in the event of a mechanical problem. It’s a diesel engine, so it won’t be quite the same as working on your car. You should be able to replace common parts such as the alternator, belts and hoses filters and compressor in the engine. It’s also in your best interest to have the mechanical aptitude to follow a wiring schematic. This can help you find the source of an electrical problem quickly and easily. Understanding the mechanics of your truck can be the difference between making a delivery deadline and spending days in the shop. Answer these three questions with honesty to see if working as an owner-operator is a good fit for...

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Outlining Appropriate Limo Behavior To Your Friends For A Bachelorette Party

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A limo service, like Limobusters, adds style and ambiance to your bachelorette party. In addition, getting a limo service saves time on such pesky details as parking (which is never available when you need it) and having a designated driver among your friends and family on the night when everyone might want to indulge in drinking alcohol. Since everyone (except the bride) should be chipping in to pay for the limo service, at a cost of between $65 to $300 per hour depending on the type of limo and the size of your group, it is important that the organizer of the event outline the proper behavior for using the limo. So, to ensure that your night out remains fun and full of laughter without incurring more costs from your limo service provider, here are a few suggested ways to do it. Using technology It is recommended that you ensure that your fellow celebrants understand that they will have to chip in for paying for the party, and that this includes the limo service. However, you should not assume that everyone knows this, so send out messages to the participants via emails or messages. While you are at it, you can also include some do’s and don’ts for the limo service behavior. This should include information about being courteous to the driver and being on time for the party, as well as refraining from smoking while in the vehicle. Any damage done to the vehicle could end up costing your party more for the limo service, which would be unfortunate, especially if you already have other expenses for this wedding. Participants might also be reminded that while in the limo following the festivities, anyone who throws up will be expected to pay for the cost of cleaning it up as well as the other costs that may be associated with lost revenue to the company while the vehicle is being cleaned and aired. More deliberate suggestions You may choose to have more deliberate reminders of the things your bachelorette party participants should not do while in the limo. Little pre-prepared notes may be made and distributed among the ladies in your group as soon as the party is underway. The organizer can also seek to get barf bags to take with the party and arrange ahead of time for the driver to monitor them until they might be needed (at the end of the night). This would ensure that anyone who may have had too much to drink will not inadvertently get sick and mess up the car. This extra service may require a gratuity of more than the recommended 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the service. This should be calculated beforehand and included in the cost given to the individuals in your group. You might also want to ensure that a small bag for garbage is included in the limo so that there is not a mess left in the vehicle at the end of the night. This situation, too, is likely to cause extra expenses for...

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Why Choose A Bike Shop For Your Biking Needs?

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Bikes and accessories can be found in discount stores, sporting goods stores, and online. Why should consumers go to a bike shop rather than buying at these other establishments?  Selection Discount and sporting goods stores must limit their bike and equipment selection because they sell many other products. These stores will usually carry multiple brands of comfort and mountain bikes, which are the most popular for casual bikers, while providing only a minimal number of hybrid or road bikes for biking enthusiasts. Online retailers offer a vast selection of bikes and accessories, but many retail sites are devoted to specific manufacturers’ products. Online selection can also be overwhelming, with a multitude of retailers vying for your business. Most importantly, you can’t actually see the products in person. Pictures cannot compare to an actual physical presence. You can choose from many different manufacturers and styles of bikes in a bike shop, and can have bikes customized or adapted to meet your needs or body type. Bike shops also sell accessories and equipment for the bikes they sell, which can make a difference when you need a piece of equipment replaced. For example, If your seat is stolen (it happens) and you need a matching seat post, discount and sporting goods stores sell a very limited selection of posts that may or may not match the bikes that they sell. If a bike shop doesn’t have the post in stock, the staff will be able to order the correct post to fit your bike. Discount and sporting goods stores’ staff will likely lack the expertise to be able to order the correct part. Online retailers offer every size of seat post imaginable, but the post must have a very specific diameter or the post won’t fit properly. If your post has been stolen, you cannot measure it to determine the size of the replacement. If you’re lucky, you may find the correct post on the manufacturer’s website, assuming that it is a popular brand. Expertise This is where bike shops really shine. The sales staff have extensive knowledge of bikes and equipment, and can guide a consumer to the style of bike that best suits their needs and their wallet. Most importantly, they can match customer and bike according to height and weight. Sizing a bike frame to the customer is important if the consumer is serious about riding. Riding a bike that isn’t the proper size can cause stress injuries and unnecessary fatigue. Bike shop staff can also provide solutions for specific issues that confront a cyclist, such as uncomfortable seats or chafing (skin irritation caused by friction from pedaling). Whether your eventual goal is commuting to work, participating in all day road trips, or exploring rugged mountain trails, bike shops can also advise and guide you to the best bikes for the task in your price range. To learn more, contact a bike shop like Tri-A-Bike...

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Traveling By Party Bus? Here’s How To Tip The Driver

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Renting a party bus for your wedding, graduation or just a special get-together with friends provides a fun way to travel in style. Although thinking about an entertaining experience might be atop your list of priorities, it’s important that you don’t overlook tipping your driver. Tipping is the best way to convey your gratitude to the driver and an effective way to meet etiquette rules. Tipping the party bus driver is about more than just handing him or her a few bills before you debark. Here’s what you need to know about the tipping process. The Accepted Norm The general tipping guideline to keep in mind when riding on a party bus is to tip between 18 and 20 percent of the cost of the vehicle rental. When you book the party bus rental, it’s important to check your contract to see if the tip has been added in advance. Some companies do so, which means you won’t have to worry about tipping the driver at the end of the rental period. If tip hasn’t been added, it’s your responsibility to be ready to tip once the driver drops you and your group off at your final destination. Tipping Factors Whether you tip 18 percent, 20 percent or decide to give a little extra depends on a variety of factors that you can consider. It’s useful to evaluate your interactions with the driver; someone who is exceedingly personable can often warrant a bigger tip. Additionally, it’s useful to evaluate whether your party bus driver went above and beyond to ensure that you and your group had a memorable time. For example, the driver could have taken some photos of your group or given you some valuable information about a fun place to stop, such as a restaurant, bar or tourist attraction. There’s no set tip amount to keep in mind for these extra services, but recognizing them with the tip you give is always appropriate. How To Tip Some party buses have tip jars located near the driver’s seat. If this is the case, tipping the driver is as simple as placing the appropriate amount of cash in the jar before you leave the vehicle. If there’s no tip jar present, just hand the driver the cash and express your thanks. You can convey proper etiquette by being subtle about the act of tipping. There’s no need to flash your cash around and make people notice your act. Keep discretion in your mind as you tip the...

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4 Tips for Successful Taxi Hailing

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If you are in need of a taxi cab ride, getting yourself seen so a cab drivers comes to your aid will be necessary. Here are some attention-grabbing methods you can use to make sure you are not waiting by the curb for an excessive amount of time. Stand Apart from the Rest If you are trying to hail a cab in an area with congested foot-traffic, you will most likely blend in with the crowd. This can make it harder to obtain a ride as a result. Instead of having to fight for attention with others, walk up the block a bit. This way you will be the only person seen when a cab drives past.  If cabs are stopping at the congested area to give someone a ride, they may stop for you as well if there is extra room inside their vehicle. You can also walk in the opposite direction so you are seen before the crowd. Another idea is to cross the street and hail cabs there. You will be closer to the driver’s side of the vehicles so they will be able to hear you as you call out for a ride and they will most likely make a turn and come back for you. Try During Slower Times Instead of trying to hail a cab when an event has just ended, wait a bit instead. This way you will avoid the craziness of trying to catch a cab with everyone else who had attended the event. You can also opt to leave an event a bit early to grab a ride before the mad rush. Call in Advance The best way to guarantee a ride is to call the cab company like White Top Cab Company in advance. If you know you will be needing a ride, the cab service will already be there waiting for you when you are ready to leave. They will hold up a sign with your name upon it if there is a large crowd, making it easier for you to track down your driver. When calling, give the cab service a landmark so they will know exactly where you will be meeting them or what you are wearing so they will know who they are looking for as well. Hail as a Group If you see others trying to grab a cab, see if anyone in the group is headed in your direction. You may be able to hail a cab by having everyone in the group raise their hands up together when a cab gets close. This will attract a great deal of attention and everyone in the group will be able to get their ride quickly as a...

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