Key Elements That Make Or Break Party Buses And How To Get Them

If you are renting a party bus for your next event or special occasion and this is the first time you have ever done something like this, you need to know what key elements make a party (on a party bus) really good. After all, you want the evening or afternoon to be memorable and/or successful, right? Here are some key elements that will make or break your party bus experience and how to get them. [Read More]

Tips For Booking An Airport Taxi

When you're booking an airport taxi, efficiency and affordability are two concerns that come up often. Here are some tips for taxi booking to meet these needs.  Consider the Distance The first thing to do is consider the fees that you accumulate when getting picked up at the airport. If the local airport is far out from the city center, you may want to look at taking a shuttle to the city center and booking a taxi from there. [Read More]

Learn About Cab Ettiquette

If you are going to be taking a cab, then you should learn some of the simple rules of cab etiquette.  If you aren't in the habit of taking cabs, then you may not have any idea that there are right and wrong behaviors for doing so. By learning the correct behaviors, you can make the ride more pleasant for both you and the driver. Understand What it Means When a Cab Has Their Light Off [Read More]

3 Services to Make Your Visit to Salt Lake City, Utah Easier Without a Vehicle

From landing at the airport to departing from your visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, your trip can be made much more convenient for you even if you don't have a vehicle to get you where you need to be. Here are three services you can take advantage of when visiting Salt Lake for leisure, business, or visiting family. Shuttle You can take advantage of shuttle services to assist you in leaving the airport when you land in Salt Lake City. [Read More]