Outlining Appropriate Limo Behavior To Your Friends For A Bachelorette Party

A limo service, like Limobusters, adds style and ambiance to your bachelorette party. In addition, getting a limo service saves time on such pesky details as parking (which is never available when you need it) and having a designated driver among your friends and family on the night when everyone might want to indulge in drinking alcohol. Since everyone (except the bride) should be chipping in to pay for the limo service, at a cost of between $65 to $300 per hour depending on the type of limo and the size of your group, it is important that the organizer of the event outline the proper behavior for using the limo.

So, to ensure that your night out remains fun and full of laughter without incurring more costs from your limo service provider, here are a few suggested ways to do it.

Using technology

It is recommended that you ensure that your fellow celebrants understand that they will have to chip in for paying for the party, and that this includes the limo service. However, you should not assume that everyone knows this, so send out messages to the participants via emails or messages. While you are at it, you can also include some do's and don'ts for the limo service behavior. This should include information about being courteous to the driver and being on time for the party, as well as refraining from smoking while in the vehicle. Any damage done to the vehicle could end up costing your party more for the limo service, which would be unfortunate, especially if you already have other expenses for this wedding.

Participants might also be reminded that while in the limo following the festivities, anyone who throws up will be expected to pay for the cost of cleaning it up as well as the other costs that may be associated with lost revenue to the company while the vehicle is being cleaned and aired.

More deliberate suggestions

You may choose to have more deliberate reminders of the things your bachelorette party participants should not do while in the limo. Little pre-prepared notes may be made and distributed among the ladies in your group as soon as the party is underway. The organizer can also seek to get barf bags to take with the party and arrange ahead of time for the driver to monitor them until they might be needed (at the end of the night). This would ensure that anyone who may have had too much to drink will not inadvertently get sick and mess up the car. This extra service may require a gratuity of more than the recommended 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the service. This should be calculated beforehand and included in the cost given to the individuals in your group.

You might also want to ensure that a small bag for garbage is included in the limo so that there is not a mess left in the vehicle at the end of the night. This situation, too, is likely to cause extra expenses for cleaning.