Learn About Cab Ettiquette

If you are going to be taking a cab, then you should learn some of the simple rules of cab etiquette.  If you aren't in the habit of taking cabs, then you may not have any idea that there are right and wrong behaviors for doing so. By learning the correct behaviors, you can make the ride more pleasant for both you and the driver.

Understand What it Means When a Cab Has Their Light Off

When the light on top of the cab is off, then it means they aren't in service at the moment. If you see a cab without its light on, then you should continue looking for another cab rather than stopping this one to ask if they can give you a ride.

You Have the Right to a Professional Trip

When you get in a cab you should realize that you also have rights. If the driver is talking loudly on their hands-free phone, playing loud music or the cab is uncomfortably hot or cold then you can ask them to make corrections.

The Driver Has the Right to a Courteous Trip

Just as you have the right to an enjoyable trip, the driver also has rights. You shouldn't do anything that may distract them from their driving or irritate them. Talking loudly on your cell phone or playing a loud game on your smart device are a couple of examples of things you shouldn't do while you are in the cab.

Always Ask for a Receipt

It's important for you to get in the habit of asking for a receipt. The receipt will have the information you need to track down the cab later in case you find that you forgot something in it during your trip. By making it a habit to get one every time, you'll be covered if you should ever need to track down a cab you rode in.

Tip Appropriately

If you have experienced a very professional ride and you want to tip over the recommended amount, then this is always appreciated. However, a good rule of thumb is to tip the same amount you would tip a waitress, which is generally 15%. If the cab driver was rude or refused to help you with your bags, you can always choose to tip less, just as you tip more for good service.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from the cab driver and how you should treat them, you are better prepared for your cab ride. Next time you're in need of a ride, consider calling a local discount cab with these tips in mind.