Key Elements That Make Or Break Party Buses And How To Get Them

If you are renting a party bus for your next event or special occasion and this is the first time you have ever done something like this, you need to know what key elements make a party (on a party bus) really good. After all, you want the evening or afternoon to be memorable and/or successful, right? Here are some key elements that will make or break your party bus experience and how to get them.

Coolers with Adult Beverages

If you find a party bus rental company that has built-in wine refrigerators and ice coolers, you are already a step ahead. Then you do not have to bring your own heavy, ice-laden coolers to keep your adult beverages chilled. Regardless of where your party bus is going or what stops your group plans to make, you need the coolers with adult beverages. 

Loud, Fun, Dance-Worthy Music

It is not a party bus without music. Loud, fun, dance-worthy music makes a party bus a party on wheels. If you are not rolling down the street with tunes blasting out the bus windows, you may as well be on a senior citizens' tour bus. Ask the company about the sound system they have on board or rules regarding the carry-on of music-making machines.

Of course, you could always follow the new trend of dance. Everyone brings their own music player and earbuds, and dances to their own music so that everyone gets to listen and dance to what they like. It is loud in the ears of every individual, but not so loud throughout the bus that you cannot communicate with your driver.

Club Lighting

Before you book your party bus, ask about the lighting situation on the bus. Is there club lighting (like rainbow strobes and disco balls), or is there no light at all? Obviously, the make or break feature on a party bus is the lighting, since nobody wants to ride in a dark bus while attempting to party. The more cool lighting effects on the bus, the more fun that party bus is going to be.


Okay, so not a real vomitorium on the bus, but there is always that one person in the group that does not know his or her drink limit. Ask the bus rental company what the rules are regarding someone getting sick, and how to best handle that. Usually, a trash can just for the overly inebriated is provided, while other company drivers will pull over for this particular problem. Your best bet is to cut your friend(s) off from the beverage section of the bus before it gets that far, or the party bus ride may be over while the driver cleans up the bus.

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