Seven Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When You Rent A Limo For A Wedding

Renting a limo for a wedding is a great idea to increase the luxury and the elegance of the occasion. However, you need to avoid limo rental mistakes that could potentially disrupt the special day if you're not careful.

The following are seven mistakes to avoid when you're renting a limo for a wedding. 

Waiting until the last minute

Organizing a wedding can be a highly stressful task. You can bring down stress levels by arranging for your limo rental well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to do all the necessary research.

Preparing your limo rental well in advance also ensures that you'll be able to find a limo rental service with a vehicle available to suit your wedding day schedule. 

Selecting a limo you haven't seen

Appearances are of course important on the wedding day. You want to plan the scene out carefully for a beautifully organized and charming atmosphere.

That's why it's so important that you know exactly what the limo that you're renting will look like. This gives you the opportunity to coordinate colors and select the available limo model that's best for the wedding's style and overall theme. 

Being unaware of special features

There are numerous special features you can add to a limo rental that could make the day more memorable and luxurious. Some special features you can consider include beverage service in the limo and music tracks for the limo ride. 

Failing to set a schedule

Your schedule with the limo rental company needs to be very specific. This helps you avoid wedding day headaches and maintains organization for the wedding ceremony and following festivities. 

Being uncertain of the exact services included

There can be several added fees that go along with wedding day limo rentals. Make sure you ask any important questions about what services are included in the limo rental and what additional fees you need to pay. This will help you stay within your wedding budget and prevent surprises when the limo rental bill comes. 

Forgetting to clear space for the limo

Parking is an important consideration. Limos of course take up a lot of space. You need to make sure that someone will clear a spot in front of the wedding venue for the limo to park when it comes time. 

Neglecting to put thought into traffic on the roadways

Wedding limos are usually hired to transport the bride and groom or the entire wedding party between the wedding venue and the reception venue. Sometimes, these two locations can be a good distance apart.

You need to carefully plan things out to avoid having traffic between the two locations create a severe hold-up in the wedding day schedule. Be aware of typical traffic patterns and travel times between the two locations on the day of the week when the wedding is taking place to set your schedule realistically.