Tips For Choosing The Right Freight Carrier

When you need something shipped via freight, you may have concerns. Is the load going to get to its destination? What if something happens? Can you trust the company you hire?

You are right to have these questions, especially if you ship expensive or high-value items. These tips will help you select the freight carrier that works best for you.

Ask If Your Service Is Guaranteed

You should work with a freight carrier who can guarantee your service. The details of this matter may be written in your contract, and it is important that you read over it carefully to determine what happens if a company cannot follow through or if something happens. Freight carriers have different offerings, and it is important that you assess every option.

Determine the Insurance Value

Each carrier has a different type of insurance. Carriers typically have a specific insurance rate per pound. You need to ask about insurance valuation to determine if this carrier's insurance suits your needs.

Discuss Protection

If your freight is being carried with other freight, you may have questions about ensuring that your freight does not mix with other items. You may also want to know what the configuration of the truck would look like and what kind of protection is used to avoid damage to your freight. How do carriers avoid losing your items? Can you prevent excessive handling of your freight?

Consider Shipping Pods and Units

Today, many freight carrier companies offer unique options for transporting items. For instance, some people ship things in pods that are not opened or mixed with other cargo when they are shipped. The pod is delivered to its destination, never having been mixed with other freight. This provides some reassurance those who do not ship items often and want some peace of mind knowing their personal effects are safe.

Set Up a Schedule

You need to know exactly when your freight will arrive, especially if you are already working on a tight timetable. Ask if there is a guarantee for shipping items this way, and determine if the offered time slot is going to meet your needs.

Speak With Freight Carrier Services Today

There is a lot to know about the freight carrier service you hire. If you have questions, don't be afraid to reach out to different transportation companies so that you can learn more about their offerings, pricing, and more.