4 Indicators Your Small Business Needs Leased Company Cars

Is it time for your small business to invest in leased company cars? The answer may be yes, and here are a few indicators to look for. 

1. You're Reimbursing a Lot of Mileage

Do you pay employees to use their own personal vehicles for company business? If so, you're probably reimbursing them for costs at a standard rate per mile or paying a monthly allowance. Both methods add up quickly. Not only do you spend money on reimbursements, but you must also pay administrative costs of managing them. Having one or more cars on hand can significantly reduce costs. 

2. You Need a Professional Image

What image do you want to project to customers and business partners with whom you meet? If that image is one of professionalism, success, and good organization, you need to arrive in the right vehicles to do so. After all, your transportation is the first impression others have of your organization. A fleet of well-kept professional cars will help. 

3. You Want to Control Usage

When you rely on employee vehicles, rent individual vehicles, or use rideshare options, you're at the mercy of what's available and whatever condition things are kept in. Those vehicles could be in questionable condition, may be inappropriate for business usage, or might even be at risk of injury and accident. And because they're on company business, you're often liable for incidents anyway. 

A better way to control your image, the maintenance and look of company vehicles, and how they're used is to lease and manage them yourself. The company then dictates the terms and schedules as well as the rules everyone must abide by when using them. 

4. You're Considering a Purchase

Perhaps your company wants to buy one or more vehicles. Before you do so, do the math on the costs of ownership versus leasing. When you own, you pay for everything from routine maintenance and gas to full repairs and technology upgrades. You may find that leasing is a more cost-effective way to get the services and vehicles you need without ongoing costs. 

Where to Learn More

If your small business could use help in any of these areas, start by learning more about business fleet services in your area. Whether you want to control costs, control your image, or control the conditions, you may find that this simple solution makes your life easier. Make an appointment today to tour the inventory and learn about your options. 

Contact a company like Chauffeur Ride to learn more.