Limo Service: How To Ride Inconspicuously

There are several reasons why people hire a limo service. Usually, a person who is rich and/or famous may like to show off their success with a chauffeured car. Others just enjoy traveling in style. The remaining limo riders are neither rich nor famous but rent limo services for a special occasion. Unless you really want to draw attention, you probably would prefer to ride without anyone hovering over the limo to get a glimpse inside. If you still want to ride in a limo, but you want to ride inconspicuously, here is how you can do just that.

Hire a Short Black or Short White Limo

Limos come in all lengths. What most people do not realize is that you can ask for limo service and request a "short car". Before stretch limos became stretch limos, they were first made as really roomy luxury sedans. The really roomy luxury sedan-style limo is now known as the "short car". You can still travel with class in a limo, but you can make yourself less noticeable if you are driven around in a short limo. White is also less conspicuous than black, because people expect somebody with some major clout to step out of the back of a black car, so ask for a short white limo whenever you can.

Dress Down

If you want people to ignore you while you travel, dress down. Wear sweats, tennis shoes, baseball caps and anything else that makes you look like you are going to the gym or grabbing coffee with a friend rather than going someplace semi-important. You can even wear baggy clothes over the top of a suit or dress if you need a split-second transformation once you reach your destination. The important thing to remember is, if you dress like a slob, no one will pay you any mind.

Have Your Driver Dress Down Too

A chauffeur in full regalia will draw attention like a headliner in a Broadway production. To remain inconspicuous while you are chauffeured about, request that your driver dress down with you. Nobody questions a passenger or two riding about with a driver in a short limo. Only people who recognize that you are actually riding in a short limo will pay you a moment's attention, and if you are effectively incognito, that few seconds of attention will make no difference in your current travel plans, nor will it stop you from getting to your destination.

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