Hosting An Employee Trip To A Casino

If you are interested in hosting an employee group trip to a popular casino a few hours from your town, and you have several participants who wish to join in on the fun, you will want to make advance preparations so your trip runs smoothly for all who decide to partake in the event. Here are some tips to use when hosting a casino trip in an attempt to have each person stay safe while having a good time as a result.   

Rent A Motor Coach Bus

The best way to bring a group to a casino destination is to have private bus service providing comfortable seating and direct service. Guests will enjoy being able to sit back and relax or chat among themselves while being transported, without worry about directions, parking facilities, or tolls. A professional driver (such as those from Woodlawn Motor) is provided to bring the group directly to the front of the casino, allowing them the benefit of not having to walk far to enjoy the sights and sounds awaiting. The group will be given a specific time and convenient place to meet their bus at the end of the day, allowing them ample time to gamble, dine, or watch entertainment before heading back home.

Make The Announcement

Print up flyers announcing the date and times of the bus pick-up and drop-off location so people can make plans to clear their schedule for this time. Post the flyer around your company's building so all who work within will have a chance to see the information well before the date of the trip. If your company has an employee newsletter, have an article written about the trip to entice people to join. Send a group email to all who work within the company, giving pricing, date and time information to each who receive it.

Collect A Participation Fee

Collect a fee from each participant to use to pay for the motor coach. This is a wonderful way to be able to afford a group trip, as each person gives a portion of the fee. The participants enjoy a low fee that is cheaper than what they would pay to drive to the casino on their own. 

If you wish, add an extra ten or twenty dollars to the participation fee and give this money back to each person going on the trip in the form of casino vouchers or rolls of quarters to use on slot machines. This allows the participants to go right into the casino to start gambling without having to stop to exchange dollars for change.