4 Tips for Successful Taxi Hailing

If you are in need of a taxi cab ride, getting yourself seen so a cab drivers comes to your aid will be necessary. Here are some attention-grabbing methods you can use to make sure you are not waiting by the curb for an excessive amount of time.

Stand Apart from the Rest

If you are trying to hail a cab in an area with congested foot-traffic, you will most likely blend in with the crowd. This can make it harder to obtain a ride as a result. Instead of having to fight for attention with others, walk up the block a bit. This way you will be the only person seen when a cab drives past. 

If cabs are stopping at the congested area to give someone a ride, they may stop for you as well if there is extra room inside their vehicle. You can also walk in the opposite direction so you are seen before the crowd.

Another idea is to cross the street and hail cabs there. You will be closer to the driver's side of the vehicles so they will be able to hear you as you call out for a ride and they will most likely make a turn and come back for you.

Try During Slower Times

Instead of trying to hail a cab when an event has just ended, wait a bit instead. This way you will avoid the craziness of trying to catch a cab with everyone else who had attended the event. You can also opt to leave an event a bit early to grab a ride before the mad rush.

Call in Advance

The best way to guarantee a ride is to call the cab company like White Top Cab Company in advance. If you know you will be needing a ride, the cab service will already be there waiting for you when you are ready to leave. They will hold up a sign with your name upon it if there is a large crowd, making it easier for you to track down your driver.

When calling, give the cab service a landmark so they will know exactly where you will be meeting them or what you are wearing so they will know who they are looking for as well.

Hail as a Group

If you see others trying to grab a cab, see if anyone in the group is headed in your direction. You may be able to hail a cab by having everyone in the group raise their hands up together when a cab gets close. This will attract a great deal of attention and everyone in the group will be able to get their ride quickly as a result.