Traveling By Party Bus? Here's How To Tip The Driver

Renting a party bus for your wedding, graduation or just a special get-together with friends provides a fun way to travel in style. Although thinking about an entertaining experience might be atop your list of priorities, it's important that you don't overlook tipping your driver. Tipping is the best way to convey your gratitude to the driver and an effective way to meet etiquette rules. Tipping the party bus driver is about more than just handing him or her a few bills before you debark. Here's what you need to know about the tipping process.

The Accepted Norm

The general tipping guideline to keep in mind when riding on a party bus is to tip between 18 and 20 percent of the cost of the vehicle rental. When you book the party bus rental, it's important to check your contract to see if the tip has been added in advance. Some companies do so, which means you won't have to worry about tipping the driver at the end of the rental period. If tip hasn't been added, it's your responsibility to be ready to tip once the driver drops you and your group off at your final destination.

Tipping Factors

Whether you tip 18 percent, 20 percent or decide to give a little extra depends on a variety of factors that you can consider. It's useful to evaluate your interactions with the driver; someone who is exceedingly personable can often warrant a bigger tip. Additionally, it's useful to evaluate whether your party bus driver went above and beyond to ensure that you and your group had a memorable time. For example, the driver could have taken some photos of your group or given you some valuable information about a fun place to stop, such as a restaurant, bar or tourist attraction. There's no set tip amount to keep in mind for these extra services, but recognizing them with the tip you give is always appropriate.

How To Tip

Some party buses have tip jars located near the driver's seat. If this is the case, tipping the driver is as simple as placing the appropriate amount of cash in the jar before you leave the vehicle. If there's no tip jar present, just hand the driver the cash and express your thanks. You can convey proper etiquette by being subtle about the act of tipping. There's no need to flash your cash around and make people notice your act. Keep discretion in your mind as you tip the driver.