3 Considerations To Think About Before Hauling An Oversized Truck Load

In general, your company probably follows all of the DOT laws and regulations, such as the laws that are in place regarding driving trucks and trailers that have oversized loads. From time to time, though, you may have to haul big or heavy items. Before hauling an oversized truck load, make sure that you keep these considerations in mind.

1. How Difficult Will It Be to Get a Permit?

First of all, you should know that in order to haul an oversized truck load—even over a short distance—you are going to have to get a permit. You can look into this process in your area to learn a little more about it. Many people find that using a service that helps companies and truck drivers get these permits is worth it. If you're unfamiliar with the system and the process, having someone knowledgeable to help you will probably be a good thing. You may find that you can get your permit faster and with fewer problems by using one of these services, too.

2. Will Your Driver Be Able to Safely Drive the Truck?

Next, you have to think about safety. Obviously, driving a truck with an oversized load can be dangerous, and it's important to take this seriously. It can be more difficult to steer, maneuver, and stop a truck that is hauling an oversized load. If possible, it's best to choose a driver who has experience with driving trucks with oversized loads. Then, you can help make sure that the vehicle is operated in a safe manner, which can help prevent anyone from getting hurt and can also help you make sure that your oversized load gets to its destination without being seriously damaged along the way.

3. Will Your Insurance Still Cover the Truck?

Lastly, you should think about whether or not you will have insurance-related issues if something does happen when a driver is hauling an oversized truck load for your company. In some cases, insurance companies do not cover claims for accidents that happen when a truck is hauling an oversized load, so you'll need to check with your commercial truck insurance company to make sure.

There are many considerations that have to be thought about when you're hauling an oversized truck load. It's important not to rush into doing something like this, or you could make serious mistakes along the way. Instead, think about the considerations listed above, and ask for help from an overweight permit service for best results.