3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Trucking Company To Transport Goods For You

Whether you need to transport your goods to retail outlets for sales or want to have goods delivered directly to customers as they place orders, you need a reliable trucking company that you can rely on to handle any transportation job that you throw at them. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a new trucking company to service your business.

Insurance Protection

It's important to make sure that the trucking company you decide to hire offers insurance protection of some kind to help ensure that you won't lose a lot of money if your goods become damaged, lost, or stolen while they are transported. The company itself should be insured so they can pay for any of your goods that they can't deliver for whatever reason.

They should also be able to offer individual insurance policies that will provide additional protection for a specific load of goods that are being transported at any given time. But if they can't offer insurance directly to you, they should be able to recommend a company that can meet your needs as time goes on.

Tracking Capabilities

After your goods have been picked up for delivery, you should be able to monitor where everything is at any given time and be notified as soon as your deliveries have been made. The trucking company you work with may provide you with the ability to track your goods through a real-time tracking application on your smartphone, or they might provide text updates as your goods make their way from one city to another.

You may even be able to track your goods through the company's website as tracking information is logged into their system. Whatever the case, at least one tracking option should be available through the trucking company that you decide to work with long-term.

Delivery Guarantees

You should also look for a trucking company that offers their clients delivery guarantees. If they say they'll deliver your goods within a certain amount of time, they should be able to keep their promise or at least be willing to make it up to you in some way. Sometimes things may happen that can't be controlled by the trucking company you're working with, in which case they should offer you something in recompense. This could take the form of a small discount on the delivery fee if the company doesn't deliver by the time they say they would.

Take the time to find out whether any delivery guarantees are offered through a prospective trucking company before committing to a work relationship with them. If guarantees are offered, have them put in writing and take them to your lawyer for feedback. Contact a company that offers trucking services in your location in order to learn more today.