Services Provided By Oversized Trucking Company

Transporting heavy equipment presents diverse challenges. This is especially true when transporting oversized cargo. Such cargo includes mining machinery, industrial parts, and construction equipment. Moving oversize loads create the risk of accidents and infrastructure damage. Subsequently, some laws govern the transportation of such cargo. Oversize trucking companies provide the expertise and equipment to move gigantic loads safely and legally.

What Is Oversized Trucking?

The maximum size, length, height, and weight hauled using road networks depends on federal and state regulations. A cargo falls in the oversized classification in case any combination of those elements exceeds the legal parameter. More so, an oversize load must be in a form that cannot disassemble into smaller parts. Examples of oversized cargo include:

  • Construction materials – concrete and metallic pipes
  • Energy equipment – wind propellers and water turbines
  • Freight equipment – ship, train, airplane parts
  • Heavy machinery – cranes and bulldozers
  • Pre-built homes
  • Storage materials – silos

The sheer size of such loads means they require special transportation arrangements. Therefore, entities seeking to transport oversized cargo need a sizeable truck carrier, permit, and road assistance to complete the task. 


The most intensive part of moving an oversized load is planning for the exercise. Ideally, a client should engage the trucking company long before the transportation. In this stage, the trucker gets to understand the design dimensions of the cargo. Notably, the company can advise on the possibility of transporting the cargo in smaller pieces. This option is not always possible. Then, the trucking firm plans the route. In this case, the company will scout for all possible ways to the destination and select the best alternative. Preferably, road traffic and roadside obstructions come into consideration. Lastly, the trucker will also plan for the duration, workforce, and equipment needed for the task.


Federal and state laws direct the transportation of overweight and oversize cargo. In most cases, the two types of loads require different permits. The trucking company should apply for the necessary licenses to transport oversize loads. The permit requirements may vary across the state lines. More so, the company must demonstrate the capacity to move the load and follow set guidelines.

Transportation Logistics  

In the task execution stage, oversized trucking companies provide the necessary equipment and workforce to haul the load. The logistics include providing suitable trucks, flatbed and extendable trailers, and loading and offloading cranes. The company offers transportation specialists to manage the process. Lastly, the trucking company implements road safety measures, including providing escort cars. 

Oversized trucking companies provide shipping services for gigantic loads. The assistance provided by the trucking company guarantees the safety of the cargo, road users, and infrastructure.