Advantages Of Disabled Transportation Services

Those living with disabilities encounter multiple challenges in their lives. For instance, moving from one location to another or performing certain physical activities can be challenging, thus needing assistance. However, various technological and societal advancements have allowed society to implement multiple strategies to help those living with disabilities. For example, most buildings have wide doors and wheelchair ramps to ensure those using wheelchairs can access them. Some companies also use technology to automate their business operations to help disabled people. [Read More]

4 Indicators Your Small Business Needs Leased Company Cars

Is it time for your small business to invest in leased company cars? The answer may be yes, and here are a few indicators to look for.  1. You're Reimbursing a Lot of Mileage Do you pay employees to use their own personal vehicles for company business? If so, you're probably reimbursing them for costs at a standard rate per mile or paying a monthly allowance. Both methods add up quickly. [Read More]